From the options provided, I chose the article about Price Match Policy at Walmart.com.

Following the Action Mapping Instructional Design framework and Adult Learning theories, I decided to create an interactive training using Articulate Storyline.

When I create training I always like to think about ways to put the learner in the passenger seat, and this is exactly what my goal when creating this course was – the learner goes through a series of real-life scenarios and can make the choice to take a risk, learn from their mistakes, or play it safe and check the policy details at any point during the course. I believe giving the learner a choice and providing challenging situations is a way to create an engaging and a remarkable learning experience.


The audience for this training is call center agents from Walmart.com


By the end of this course learners will be able to:

– Examine price match requests

– Identify when price match requests should be approved

– Identify and recognize the most common reasons for a price match request to be denied


Possible ways to evaluate this course could be:

– A decrease in the number of Price Match procedure mistakes

– A decrease in the number of escalations

– A decrease on average call time (resolution)



To accompany this training, it would be ideal to have a job aid. After taking the training, the job aid would be a quick resource for call center agents to consult when on call with a customer.

The job aid could be done in a format of a decision tree.

For this specific project, this job aid wasn’t created, but can be made available upon request.